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Vanilla Development Program in India

  • Our processing unit based in Pollachi is the largest of India and has a processing capacity of 300T of green beans per year. End of 2015, Eurovanille India has started a program to revive the cultivation of vanilla. Currently, we are working in three States: Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. To help us accomplish this task, we have regional supervisors whose aims are to promote the cultivation of vanilla among farmers and to visit plantations that have already received vanilla plants in order to collect information and to give technical support. Our direct approach to farmers and the current high prices of vanilla are enabling us to convince a significant number of farmers to come back to vanilla cultivation and to collaborate with us. We are currently, supplying rooted cuttings from our own nurseries in Pollachi and beginning of next year, our tissue-culture plants will be ready to be delivered to farmers. By end of 2018, more than 200,000 tissue-culture plants and vines will be supplied to our farmers.
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