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India, a land of spices and vanilla rich in flavour

Vanilla has been grown in India since the 19th century mainly in three regions which also happen to be the natural home of spices : Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

60% of Indian vanilla is grown in the state of Karnataka but Eurovanille decided to set up in Pollachi, situated at the heart of Tamil Nadu.

With a factory of 3,500 square metres and a processing capacity of 550 tons of green vanilla, ‘Eurovanille India’ has helped to boost the vanilla industry of Pollachi and promote Indian vanilla in general.

Eurovanille’s customer care encompasses the whole process from planting to sales. Eurovanille India has all the necessary equipment for turning green vanilla into gourmet grade black vanilla or into industrial red vanilla and also runs a packing operation. The factory has ISO 22000, organic and Fairtrade certification and will soon have Rainforest Alliance certification. This ensures compliance with strict food safety regulations.

In December 2013, Eurovanille signed a contract with Indian vanilla growers to ensure a reliable alternative source thus enabling the company to obtain a steady supply of vanilla.

Traditional expertise and long-term ambitions

Planifolia vanilla from India is a high quality variety. Processed in our factory in Pollachi in the south of India, it has a high rate of vanillin.

Indian planifolia vanilla pods are characterized by their aromatic profile of vanilla, milk chocolate and caramel notes.

In India, vanilla is grown in five stages:

  •         Pollination of the flowers from January to March
  •         Harvest from October to January
  •        Preparation (drying, etc) from November to February
  •       Maturing from March to July

Our traditional work methods allow us to bring careful attention to detail when growing our vanilla, a spice that does need special care and attention in order to bring it to fruition so that customers can get the best out of its aromatic profile.

In India, like with tea and coffee, growing vanilla is a tradition. It’s thanks to these traditions of planting and growing that we can benefit from the incredible array of flavours that you find only in the subtle and gourmet variety of Indian vanilla.

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